Kurulus Osman Season 4 All Episode Trailers With Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 4 All Episode Trailers With Urdu Subtitles

Ottoman –

Osman Bey wasted the great game set up by Kantakouzenos in Constantinople. However, Kantakouzenos has no intention of stopping. Kantakousenos begins to take steps toward his new sport. The first of these steps will be handled by Olof…

Olof wants to avenge his brother Saga. Olof, who came to Yenisehir with his men at the request of Kantakouzenos, made the first move.

His aim will be to besiege Osman Bey from outside and inside… Will Olof’s work awaken Osman Bey?

Osman Bey will face his new enemies for the first time, acting against the moves of Kantakouzenos and Olof to disrupt their game. What effect will this great war between Osman Bey and Olof have on the Yeniseihir?

Öktem Bey’s obsession caught fire. There is great pain in the abdomen. This pain limits everyone’s endurance. What is the cause of the fire and great pain on Obasi of Öktem Bey?

What decision will Bengi take in this situation? Will Oktem Bey trust Osman Bey’s word and wait, or will Bayandir Bey, who wants to weaken Osman Bey, deceive him and march against Osman Bey?

After Osman bey left the management of Karachihisar fort to his son Orhan, his son Alauddin, who was deeply displeased by this situation, joined his father.

Does Alauddin misunderstand his father? What path does Osman Bey take in raising his children to whom he will entrust the kingdom he will establish?

Osman Bey sets out with Malhun Hatun… their object is to inspect Karachihisar. However, on the way, they learn that Orhan has been kidnapped. Can Osman Bey get his son Orhan out of the hut? What will be the fate of Orhan?

Kurulus Osman Season 4 All Episode Trailers With Urdu Subtitles

A new person arrives in the palace… This new person arrives in the palace and upsets all the balance in the palace and in Constantinople.

As Konur and Turahan train with slave warriors, the arena is mixed with incoming soldiers. Who is this person coming? What is its purpose? What will Konar do?

While suffering from the Mongol invasion, the people of Anatolia were forced to live under the threat posed by the existence of the Byzantine Empire.

The Kayı tribe is a frontier that is ‘present’ at Söğüt. Wherever the tribe is, they are in a constant state of red alert to counter the Byzantine threat.

Given the situation and illness of Ertuğrul Gazi, there was a power vacuum.

The power struggle caused by this princely war is between Osman, who is heroic and brave, the youngest son of Ertuğrul Ghazi, and Osman’s uncle;

Dunder and Gunduz are good at politics.

Dundar is the most successful man in politics after his elder brother Ertugrul Ghazi. After his brother’s illness, his hunger for power increased.

Dundar is born to defeat anyone who opposes him on this path to power.

Aigul, on the other hand, is responsible for the administration of the women living in the Kayi tribe and has been in love with Osman since they were young and wants to marry him.

The brave and beautiful Bala Hanim who is the daughter of Idbali is after some truths to protect her people. Because they both prioritize the future of their people, Bala Hanim and Osman’s paths cross.

They fall in love at first sight. Although, betrayals and plots put significant obstacles to their love.

Usman Kay will fight internally and externally for the future of the tribe and to rejoin Bala Hanim.

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