Kurulus Osman Season 4 With English Subtitles

Watch kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 109 With English Subtitles

kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 109 With English Subtitles

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Episode 109 Summary:

Osman Bey and his Alps came to Ainegol with rams and siege weapons to take the fort from Turgut Bey.

He sees that in addition to Turgut Bay, Kantakouzenos and Ismihan Sultan are waiting for him in Inegol. What move will Osman Bey make against the evil alliance formed against him?

A treaty table is set… Usman Bey; Ismihan Sultan wanted to squeeze the Seljuk and Kantakouzenos into the Byzantine kingdoms.

All the forts and properties acquired from Ertugurul Gazi with this life and the blood of the martyrs are demanded from Usman Bey. Usman Bey’s attitude towards these requests is clear: “What is taken with blood is given only with blood!”

Like everyone else, Olof thinks Osman Bey won’t give up the castle so easily. Olof will meet Ismihan Sultan before making his move…

Can Olof Osman stop Bea? How will Osman Bey get out of this obstacle he has been dragged into? Will Osman Bey surrender the castle and fortresses to Ismihan Sultan?

kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 109 With English Subtitles

Osman Bey knows that the only way to overthrow Ismihan Sultan is to go to Konya and install Sultan Mesut on the throne. To this end, they set out on the road to Konya with their Alps…

However, there is one point that Osman Bey did not consider… Ismihan Sultan left Konya to the Mongol generals.

What is the great danger that awaits Usman Bey who comes to Konya to save Sultan Mesut?

Ismihan Sultan and Bengi Hatun formed an alliance. Bengi Hatun became infamous when her daughter was kidnapped from a wedding party.

Bengi Hatun, who experienced this, will not stop until she takes revenge on Kayı Hatunları. How will Ismihan Sultan and Bengi Hatun be hosted in the Yenisehir mansion? Where will the rising tension end?

Alçiçek is kidnapped from her wedding toy. Bengi Hatun, Öktem Bey, and Alpler attacked Yenisehir to capture Alçiçek. Now Pusat is gone… Can they take Alçiçek back?

In Osman Bey’s absence, can Bala and Malhun Hatunler stop Öktem Bey and Bengi Hatun?

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In the episode of the series.

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Osman Bey takes revenge on Bamsi Bey by executing the punishment of Toge, who was captured by the game he set and brought to Sog.

Togae’s kidnapping and execution draw a reaction from the Mongolian governor judge.

The Governor Judge put Usman Bey in a difficult situation by demanding that Kay Obasi pay three years’ taxes within three days through an emissary sent by him.

The Mongolian ambassador, who went to İnegöl Castle and met Nikola, promised to support him in his war against Osman Bey.

Watch Now Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 109 With English Subtitles Below!


Nicolas was planning to raise a massive army with gold from the Mongols; Osman Bey took action to break this alliance. Osman Bey was overwhelmed with the good news from Malhan.

What is the good news about Osman Bey from Malhun?

How will the sentence of Osman Bey’s Toga change the balance in the coastal region? How would Osman Bey respond to the Mongols’ tax demands?

What strategy will Nikola, who the Mongolian governor has promised to support, adopt? Will Osman Bey be able to break the Mongol-Byzantine alliance?

How will Kayı Obası take measures against the Mongol threat?


In the episode of the series, Osman Bey, who received the good news of a son from Malhun Hatun, takes action to prepare for the great battle he is about to fight against the Byzantine army sent to the coastal region with the great general Doukas.

How will Bala meet the good news of Malhan Hatoon?

The Mongolian governor Judge, who cannot stomach the abduction of Toge and the confiscation of Mongolian gold, makes a surprising move against Osman Bey.

As Commander Dukas arrives in Einegol with his forces, increasing his powers, Nicolas sees an opportunity to push the Turks off the edge.

Bala Hatun, who learns that Usman Bela is going to have a child, tries to control her emotions, and Malhun steps towards Hatun.

Osman Bey, on the other hand, returns from Konya to the battlefield with the Alps for the great battle that will decide the fate of the coastal region.

Can Osman Bey win the war against the Byzantine army?

How will the forces brought by Commander Dukas to the coastal region change the balance?

What will result from the meeting of Osman Bey and Seljuk Sultan?

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