Destan Season 1 With English Subtitles

Destan Season 1 Episode 18 With English Subtitles

Destan Season 1 Episode 18 With English Subtitles

Epic Episode 18:
Will Cholpan Han and Balmir die?

Balmir and Kolpan Khan were badly wounded by Alpagu Khan who broke up a secret meeting intended to unite the Batuga Turks. Will Batuga, Akkiz, Saltuk and Temur be able to raise Kolpan Han and Balamir to Kun Ata and save them?

Thinking that he has killed Cholpan Khan and Balmir after the raid, Alpgu Khan goes to the headless Western Gok Khanate and captures him. Alpgu Khan’s loyalty will beg without a head? Will Alpgu Khan regain his former power?

The First Commandment of Han Batuga Mountain

Batuga approaches the mountain throne vacated by Cholpan Khan. Batuga, the mountain khan, sits on the experience during the Navruz festival, which symbolizes not only the arrival of spring, but also the departure of the Turks from Ergenekon, and his first commandment is not death, but marriage.

Can Akkiz save his mother?

While preparations are underway for Sirma and Yaman’s wedding, which will take place according to Turkish customs, Akkiz enters the Gok Sarai with the help of Gunseli and Claire and discovers her mother’s hiding place!

Destan Season 1 Episode 18 With English Subtitles

In the eighth century, Central Asia was ruled by a Sanjay era, a country that had not yet embraced Islam. China has set foot in Turkey, while the Russians are waiting for the Barangayan, Mongol, Sogdian, and Persian nets.

Just as it is not enough, on the same side the Turkic tribes who call themselves “Atam” are at odds with each other. There is a lot of animosity between Gok Khanet and Doug Khanate, they are both Turks

Destan Season 1 Episode 18 With English Subtitles

In the midst of this political turmoil, Alpaugh Khan, the great Khan of Gop Khanate, has decided to take the daughter of Balmir Yabgu, who is suspected of his rebellion, as his son-in-law Batuga.

He gathers his family and goes out to the West Gok mine to ask for a daughter, a big danger awaits them: Mount Akkiz, a mountain warrior who has been on fire for revenge since childhood!

Season 1 Episode 18 English

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