Destan Season 1 With English Subtitles

Destan Season 1 Episode 26 With English Subtitles

Destan Season 1 Episode 26 With English Subtitles

Epic Episode 26:
Han Line’s Life War
In the 26th episode of the epic, Ulu Kam Archure does everything to cure Alpagu Han, Temur and Kaya, who have been poisoned by the Sepir.

But they cannot heal without resin. How will Alpagu Khan and Tegins, who bid farewell with their children, get out of this situation?

Double headed wolf and Uber again
Alpagu and Tegins, poisoned by Obar with a sepir, are about to close their eyes on their deathbeds.

As Akkiz and Batuga galloped towards the Sky Palace to cultivate the antidote resin, they encountered Ober and Itbarx, who had learned that the crown had been shattered.

How will the duel between Batuga and Akkiz, who has vowed revenge, come face to face on horseback? Which would be the choice between risking Akkiz and Batuga’s lives or increasing the resin to Gok Sarai?

Lovers in the midst of war
Akkız and Batuga, connected by a belt by Esrigün Kam; While coming to Gok Sarai to deliver it, he faced Chepir disease.

The lovers, who are the soul and heart of the two-headed wolf, find themselves in the middle of a new war before they can experience their bliss. What awaits this love in the sound of fire?

Calling all acceptable on earth
Obar, who had gone to Esrigan Kam’s tent to take Barak Han’s crown with news of the Russian ambassador, angrily swore vengeance upon learning that Esrigan Kam had destroyed the crown.

Destan Season 1 Episode 26 With English Subtitles

Ober, vowing to destroy the crown and kill all the Turks, called all the Itbaraks on Earth to war with the Turks in revenge. What would be the fate of the war between Gok Khanate and Itbarak, which fought on all sides.

With Mee Jin unable to win back her love after all her efforts and her pride shattered, will she continue to try to win Temur’s love or will she take revenge?

The test of love
He tells Kaya that he will leave her when he recovers.

What will Kaya do to avoid losing her to her housemate Ganseli’s unexpected offer? Crushed by her love and shame, can Gunseli stand by her decision?

Alsin, disguised as Princess Saina, disguised as Obar, was a descendant of Barak Khan, meaning she would rise up against Obar.

Will Alcin, the spy of the Sky Palace, raise all the Itbaraks against Obar and depose Obar?

Destan Season 1 Episode 26 With English Subtitles

In the eighth century, Central Asia was ruled by a Sanjay era, a country that had not yet embraced Islam. China has set foot in Turkey, while the Russians are waiting for the Barangayan, Mongol, Sogdian, and Persian nets.

Just as it is not enough, on the same side the Turkic tribes who call themselves “Atam” are at odds with each other. There is a lot of animosity between Gok Khanet and Doug Khanate, they are both Turks

In the midst of this political turmoil, Alpaugh Khan, the great Khan of Gop Khanate, has decided to take the daughter of Balmir Yabgu, who is suspected of his rebellion, as his son-in-law Batuga.

He gathers his family and goes out to the West Gok mine to ask for a daughter, a big danger awaits them: Mount Akkiz, a mountain warrior who has been on fire for revenge since childhood!

Season 1 Episode 26 English

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