Destan Season 1 With English Subtitles

Destan Season 1 Episode 27 With English Subtitles (Season Finale)

Destan Season 1 Episode 27 With English Subtitles

Epic Episode 27 (Season Finale):
Akkiz and Batuga’s wedding

Akkiz and Batuga, who had been girded by Esrigün Kam to each other, hid the glad tidings for some time because of the sepir disease in the palace.

After the recovery of Alpagu Khan and Tegins, Ulu Kam Arakure announced the news to Gok Saraya and explained the good news. Alpagu Khan and the palace received this good news with enthusiasm.

However, the lovers said that they could not hold a wedding feast while the Turkish lands were under the control of Itbarak. After the victory against Itbaraks, a wedding feast is held for Akkiz and Batuga, the two heroes of the epic love.

What awaits Akkiz and Batuga who are in love in the ring of fire after the wedding party?

Can the Gok Khanate erase the Itbaraks from history?
In the great battle that started after the Turks and Itbaraks came face to face near Gok Orda, the Turks won a great victory.

Ober and Itbarx, who discovered that these naves were fakes during the conflict, were defeated and forced to retreat.

Before he could fully experience the joy of victory, Gok Khanate received news that Itbarak had entered the Western Skylands in a fleet.

Who will have the last laugh in the millennial war between the Turkish army and Itbarak? At the end of an all-or-nothing conflict, will Gok Khan be able to save Western Gok?

Can they erase the history? Or will they lose the Sky Horde as well?

Destan Season 1 Episode 27 With English Subtitles

ULU Judicial vs ULU ECE

Vera cooperated with the Russians and provided Naft support to Gok Orda. With this cooperation, Alpagu Khan kept his promise, though he doubted Vera and returned the crown to her, and Vera regained her position as Great Ees.

With this move, what steps will the Ulu EC, who has been successful in covering up her crimes, take to get rid of the charges in the Ulu Judiciary that are now awaiting her?

Who will you ally with?

Mi Jin’s new moves
Confident that Temur would not recognize her as one of his own, Mei Jin began a game against the Sky Horde by informing Ober of Naphthas’ location.

Although Mei Jin disapproves of his betrayal against Alpagu and Temur, as it is not convincing, Zhao steps in and takes it upon himself to save Mei Jin’s life.

Even if Mei Jin escapes imprisonment and prosecution, how will she fare in the face of Alpagu and Temur’s constant suspicion?

Will he be able to save himself from the wrath of Alpagu and Temur? Will he be able to convince Temur and win his heart?

Can Kaya forgive herself?

Alpagu invited all the principalities of Turkey to unite to fight the Itbaraks. To regain her father’s trust, Kaya went to visit the vengeful Turkish princes.

Kaya risked her life and finally managed to win the support of the principalities with the help of Gunseli’s father, Ozmen Bey.

What will be the fate of Kaya who saves the minor from death during the war and is effective in winning the war by supporting the nobles?

Will past accusations or subsequent success affect Kaya’s fate?

Destan Season 1 Episode 27 With English Subtitles

In the eighth century, Central Asia was ruled by a Sanjay era, a country that had not yet embraced Islam. China has set foot in Turkey, while the Russians are waiting for the Barangayan, Mongol, Sogdian, and Persian nets.

Just as it is not enough, on the same side the Turkic tribes who call themselves “Atam” are at odds with each other. There is a lot of animosity between Gok Khanet and Doug Khanate, they are both Turks

In the midst of this political turmoil, Alpaugh Khan, the great Khan of Gop Khanate, has decided to take the daughter of Balmir Yabgu, who is suspected of his rebellion, as his son-in-law Batuga.

He gathers his family and goes out to the West Gok mine to ask for a daughter, a big danger awaits them: Mount Akkiz, a mountain warrior who has been on fire for revenge since childhood!

Season 1 Finale Episode 27 English

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